Paper Filing Solutions

Top Retrieval Filing System

Top Retrieval Files are printed with an innovative pre-index scale that allows documents to be filed alphabetically, numerically or according to date.

Files vary in size to accommodate any number of documents.

Folders are housed upright so that labels can be read easily and files retrieved quickly.

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Lateral Filing System

Lateral Filing is based on the simple principle that the eye processes colour faster than groups of numbers or letters.

In the Lateral Filing System a colour is assigned to a number, letter or particular item that has meaning.

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Our Cabinets are sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed.

A Tidy Files Cabinet can help you save up to 57% on floor space.

Why buy a Tidy Files Cabinet? Click here now to find out more.

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Archive Filing Systems

With one of the largest ranges of archiving products in the southern hemisphere, you will find a product for any of your A5, A4, A3 and folio documents.

All archiving products are acid free ensuring that documents will be preserved and will not discolour.

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Bulk Filers

Regardless of the client's situation, we are committed to comprehensive and efficient service at all times.

We will develop a customised solution that will meet all of your specific filing needs.

For larger filing requirements and for businesses where space is an issue, a Bulk Filer is the solution.

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We offer a wide range of accessories to supplement your unique filing solutions.

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Shelving & Steel Products

Available in different sizes to ensure you optimise filing space.

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Value-Added Services

We offer you a range of value-added services that are aimed at significantly reducing the inconvenience and costs associated with adopting a new document management system.

These services include:

  • Filing survey to assess filing requirements
  • Design & implement effective filing systems
  • Advise on space saving solutions
  • Advise on weight calculations/floor loading
  • Active filing either on-site or outsourced
  • Establish proper filing procedures
  • Implement a common filing system across the organisation
  • Provide an implementation team for setup & archiving
  • Collaborative fun clearing/filing days
  • Plan and relocate existing records/bulk filers
  • Drive change management to gain company-wide acceptance


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