Cabinets: Cabinet Components

Our Cabinets are sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed.

A Tidy Files Cabinet can help you save up to 57% on floor space.


Lever Arch File Support Rack

  • Used in Combination Cabinet
  • Keeps the Lever Arch Files upright
  • House 6 Lever Arch Files per rack
  • 3 × File Support Racks per drawer
Item Code
File Support Rack 092006

Hanging Files Cradles

  •  Used to accommodate hanging files in Cabinets
Item Size

Rows of Filing

Single Row Hanging Cradle A4 1 092004
Single Row Hanging Cradle Foolscap 1 092005
Combination and Quantum Cabinet A4 2 092012
Combination and Quantum Cabinet Foolscap 2 092011
Folio Cabinet A4 3 092013
Folio Cabinet Foolscap 3 092014

Base Plates

  • Available for all Tidy Files Cabinets
  • Covers 1 full drawer
  • Made of 0.8mm steel
  • Masonite base available as a cheaper alternative
    • Covers only one A4 section in cabinet
Item Code
Solo Cabinet 090023
Mini Cabinet 090022
Quantum Cabinet 090020
Combination Cabinet 090020
Quadro Cabinet 090021
Folio Cabinet 090024
Masonite Base (single row) 090026

Utility Drawers

  • The Utility Drawer raises the drawer sides so that the cabinet can store a variety of objects
  • This item has to be used together with the Base Plate
    • The base plate must be ordered separately
Item Code
Mini Cabinet  090032
Quantum Cabinet  090033
Combination Cabinet 090033
Quadro Cabinet  090034
Folio Cabinet  090035

Divider Bars

  • Hold Top Retrieval System Containers in the drawers
  • Comes standard with Top Retrieval Cabinets
Item Code
Divider Bars 09902

Plinth Drawers

  • 1 Per cabinet
  • Ideal for stationery and small items
  • 100mm Deep
Item Code
Mini Cabinet 090012 
Quantum Cabinet 090013 
Combination Cabinet 090013
Quadro Cabinet 090011

Handles - Metal

We have 3 standard metal handles to choose from
  • Oval Arch in Black
  • Oval Arch in Silver
  • Silver Bar
A second handle can be fitted to any cabinet on request.

We can also assist to match handles to your current office furniture.

Handles - PVC

Choose from a variety of handle colours.

Colours available:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal
  • Grey

Tidy File Cabinet Label

  • Cabinet label with self adhesive backing
  • 90mm x 63mm
Item Code
Tidy File Cabinet Label 09999

Adjustable Ferrules

The ferrules are adjustable up to 25mm.

Tidy Files installers will adjust your cabinet upon delivery to ensure your cabinet is level.