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Need a new filing system? SAVE 27% - Cabinet Special

What's included?

  • 1 x 5-Drawer Top Retrieval Quantum
  • 400 x Light Weight Files
  • 10 x Label Sheets
  • 75 x Kraft File Collators
Terms & Conditions:
Offer only valid until 31 January 2022. All prices advertised include 15% VAT.
Medical Practices may substitute the standard Light Weight Files advertised for Tidy Files General Medical Files.
Special only apply to cabinets manufactured from listed range of melamine finishes available with a 16mm square top. Option of silver or black oval arch handles or silver bar handle.
Additional delivery charges may apply for areas outside a 50km radius of a Tidy Files Branch.
Factory closure: Please note that the factory will be closed from 17 December 2021. Orders received after 26 November 2021 will only be delivered in 2022.

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Does your filing need a sort out and a clean-up?

Financial year-end, operational year-end, a change in processes or staff, or a business restructure all necessitate one thing: a filing clean-up.

Given the fast pace of business today, it’s easy for filing to pile up, storerooms to get messy and archiving to be left undone. But efficiently sorting out filing while still maintaining the integrity of your sensitive business information can be tricky.

Our all-in-one filing clean-up service saves you money, time, staff resources and ensures your company and client information remains secured.

Our professional, trained staff does everything for you:

Your documents:

  • Re-file documents
  • Remove redundant documents from files
  • Shred old documents

Your files:

  • Sort and re-order files
  • Implement new space-saving filing systems
  • Archive old files

Your storeroom

  • List storeroom contents
  • Sort and repack storerooms
  • Move shelving and bulk filers

 We work with department and office managers, and admin and HR staff to get everything in its place.

Email us at to find out more.


Covid-19: what SA businesses can learn from the pandemic

What has the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown taught us?

Well, aside from how to make pineapple beer, home school our kids, and relocate entire offices, overnight, to our homes where Zoom meetings are occasionally accompanied by the sound of barking dogs and squawking hadedas, a lot.

From a business perspective specifically, the way we think about and do business has completely changed.

Research commissioned by Cisco in 2020 found that the organisational response to the pandemic had gone well beyond basic crisis management to radically transform business as we know it.

‘While the activity we have seen was clearly prompted by the pandemic, and the immediate imperative to enable ongoing business operations, a great deal of genuinely transformational change has also taken place. It’s hard to think of any time in history when so much progress has been made so quickly to modernise working practices and switch both mindsets and behaviour,’ the report stated.

Of course the biggest change was the rise in remote working. These research findings estimated there were 4.7 times more people working from home now than before the pandemic.

The adoption of technology, particularly the use of webcams, web conferencing and cloud-based services rocketed, as businesses relooked their processes and employee and customer engagement.

But what did all this teach us?

Here are my five key business take-outs from the past year (which we would probably do well to keep in mind for the year ahead too):

Be prepared
Having been taken by surprise the first time lockdown hit, there’s no reason for this to happen again. Forewarned is forearmed. Use your 2020 business experience to put the necessary processes in place to ensure business continuation under even the most extenuating circumstances. In other words, have a Plan B. Relook your customer experience, employee needs and tech systems; do thorough scenario planning; and look to future forecasts for pandemic-proof prep.

Less is more
Wasn’t it amazing just how little space we actually needed to get our jobs done? Working from home certainly highlighted that. And just how easily meetings could be scaled back to just the most critical interactions and even then, hosted over web conferencing and not in boardrooms or off site. This shone a (bright) light on just how superfluous both our office spaces and many accepted business practices had become. Just because something has always been done that way, doesn’t mean it must continue to be done like that. The post-pandemic world calls for the most efficient use of resources, which could include outsourcing activities like archiving and shredding that aren’t supported by remote office operations.

Support a healthy workforce
Employees come to work sick all the time. Pre-Covid, this wasn’t the best idea. Post the advent of Covid, it’s the worst idea ever. A workforce flattened by ill employees, with some not sure if they have the virus or not and others living in fear they might get it, is bad for productivity. Creating a supportive environment that encourages staff to work from home if they can when feeling ill, or providing improved access to sick leave, is critical. But remember to balance this with some form of lockdown-compliant social engagement.
Mental wellness is just as important; the Cisco study showed that 64% of respondents battled without their regular coffee or watercooler chats. So be sure to find ways to still bring your teams together outside of work commitments.

Communication is crucial
If anything, the arrival of Covid-19 in South Africa and the subsequent lockdown showed up many organisations’ poor communications and crisis management strategies. Knowing now how rapidly situations can change, interrogate your communications plan. How quickly can you reach all your employees in a crisis? What is the easiest way to communicate with your suppliers and customers? If email is unavailable, what other communication channels can you use? Don’t forget to assign someone to take responsibility for crisis communications (senior management might not be available) and to determine basic key messaging that can be adapted depending on the nature of the crisis.

Agility cannot be underrated
Last year brought home the importance of true agility – focusing on customer needs and overall business goals while remaining adaptable and open to change. Just because your end destination looks the same (i.e. maintaining or increasing sales, launching new products or establishing market presence), it doesn’t mean the road you travel to get there must remain the same too. When the chips are down, it’s the organisation that is flexible, comfortable with change and able to move through rapid developments that comes out tops. Review your 2020 experience; the areas where your business came undone is where it needs the most work.


About Rob Fedder

Rob is the Managing Director of Tidy Files and Cleardata, which are Metrofile Group companies. He has been involved in the paper and electronic document management industry since 2006 and is passionate about helping businesses navigate the complex document management landscape.


Year-end archiving: let us do it for you

Is your financial year-end fast approaching but you haven’t prepared for your archiving yet?

To correctly archive the year’s filing you need to source the right archive products, and allocate sufficient human resources. Both these tasks cost your business time and money.

Why not consider an all-in-one year-end document management solution? At Tidy Files we offer exactly that.

Our team of professionals can assist you with:

  • On-site archiving
  • Secure off-site document storage
  • Document destruction
  • Ensuring POPI compliance

Contact our Tidy team here for a FREE consultation and quotation to streamline your financial year-end archiving.

If you have your own archiving team, order your archive products between 1 February 2021 and 31 March 2021 and save between 30% and 60% on your order: 


Item Description






Archive File with Dispo Clip






Folio Archive Box






Folio Archive Container






A4 Archive Box






A4 Archive Container






Off-Site Storage Box






Legal Box with Staples and Flap






Take advantage of our financial year-end special and place your archive product order here.

Get 2021 off to a great start and get Everything in its Place!

Terms and conditions: 

All prices advertised are inclusive of 15% VAT.  A delivery charge of R51.75 (including VAT) will apply for all orders. Additional delivery charges may apply for areas outside a 50km radius from a Tidy Files branch. Promotion only valid from 1 February to 31 March 2021. Limited to stock availability. E & OE. 


Optimising operational excellence through BPM

Business process management (BPM) might not sound like the most exciting topic of discussion, but it’s a deal breaker for the companies that take the time to invest in it properly.

In fact, given the volatile, unexpected nature of the business environment right now, there’s probably never been a better time to implement sound business processes and the tools needed to manage them.

There’s a common misperception that business process management is solely the domain of large corporations. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting to grips with your business’s processes and effectively managing them is a necessity for every company pursuing business success, no matter the size.

One of the reasons for this mistaken belief is that identifying and managing business processes appears to be complicated and time consuming and as a result, feels overwhelming. But at its heart, business process management is simply the automated control of all the processes that your business needs to run.

Take the sales process, for instance. In small businesses that might be all the steps from the point of receiving a single order to delivery, and for large businesses, the steps from receiving a bulk order to mass distribution. Both businesses rely on a process to facilitate sales, and both businesses have to manage that process to ensure its efficacy. A breakdown in this process or any functions related to it would be detrimental to the sustainability – and profitability – of the business.

Sales is just one process-led function. Others include administration, operations, procurement, HR, IT and customer service. Effective business process management relies on the automation of the various actions within these processes – a process in and of itself that begins with planning each process to be automated; analysing, modelling, implementing and monitoring these automated processes; and finally, refining the automation to improve efficacy even further.

The benefits of automating business processes in this way are numerous. The most obvious is the increased productivity experienced by staff as a result of more efficient processes. Another major benefit is the agility it offers companies, as teams know and understand their processes well, allowing them to quickly and easily course correct where necessary.

Reduced human errors; internal and external policy and legislative compliance; less micromanagement; improved access to company and customer data; and seamless digital integration across the business are also potent strategic advantages offered up by sound BPM.

However, for all the good BPM does for a business, it’s only as effective as the support it enjoys from the people implementing it. In other words, successful BPM needs employee buy-in. There are still human beings sitting behind these automated processes, and while not all employees care about improving their workflow, it’s essential that they back the idea of process automation – and help facilitate it.

Business process management looks different for all organisations, but ultimately its objective remains the same: to optimise operational performance by enabling all business units to play to their strengths.

In our current business climate, there is probably no greater – or more pressing –strategic imperative than this.

About Rob Fedder

Rob is the Managing Director of Tidy Files and Cleardata, which are Metrofile Group companies. He has been involved in the paper and electronic document management industry since 2006 and is passionate about helping businesses navigate the complex document management landscape.


Tidy Files 2020 Closing Dates

Dear Tidy Files client

We’re breathing a collective sigh of relief that the holidays are here and we can all take a well-deserved break. We’re sure you feel the same way too!

Please note our offices will be closed from Friday 18 December 2020, and will reopen on Monday 4 January 2021.

Please ensure you contact us before this date with any queries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during this year, and to wish you a safe, peaceful holiday over the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

The Tidy Files team


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