Bulk Filers: Bulk Filer Components

Regardless of the client's situation, we are committed to comprehensive and efficient service at all times.

We will develop a customised solution that will meet all of your specific filing needs.

For larger filing requirements and for businesses where space is an issue, a Bulk Filer is the solution.


Bulk Filer Internal Component - 20 Pigeon Hole Compartment

  • 20 Pigeon hole compartment ideal for mail and envelopes

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Lockable Compartment

  • Create a lockable compartment within a bay

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Pull-Out Working Shelf

  • A convenient shelf to pull out and work on while retrieving and filing documents

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Stationery Drawer

  • A pull-out stationery drawer for stationery and miscellaneous items
  • Create individual compartments with drawer dividers*
  • The drawer can also be fitted with a lock on request
*Drawer dividers sold separately 

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Wire Support Rack

  • Keeps files upright
  • Recommended for use with lateral filing

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Pull-Out Drawer

  • Houses 9 x A4 Containers
  • 0.9 filing meters

Bulk Filer Internal Component - Pull-Out Cradle

  • Accommodates A4 and folio hanging files
  • 0.95 Filing meters when filing from left to right
  • Allows to file front to back


Customise your bulk filer with decorative cladding to match your office furniture.

Cladding options include:

  • Melamine
  • Veneer
  • Perforated steel
  • Dimple steel
  • Vinyl printed decal


  •  Helps to reach top filing and boxes