Shelving & Steel Products: Steel Cabinets & Cupboards

Available in different sizes to ensure you optimise filing space.

Steel Filing Cabinets

Available in Ivory / Karoo or Hammertone Grey

Code Description Size (mm)
CSOFMCAB-2 2-Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet 710H × 480W × 620D
CSOFMCAB-3 3-Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet 1020H × 480W × 620D
CSOFMCAB-4  4-Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet  1330H × 480W × 620D

Steel Stationery Cupboard

Available in Ivory / Karoo.

  • Size: 1800mmH × 900mmW × 450mmD
Code Description
BFSYSCAB-1800 2-Door Steel Stationery Cupboard/Cabinet with 4 Shelves