We offer a wide range of accessories to supplement your unique filing solutions.



  • The ADAPTAFILE™ is a patended product which turns an ordinary lever arch file into a stronger, more durable and user friendly product
  • The plastic panel allows the file to stand up-right and unsupported at all times
  • Less bending and warping prolong the life of the file
  • Available in 11 different colours make colour coding simple and effective
  • The ADAPTAFILE™ is available in standard lever arch file size and A4 file size
  • A4 size is available with either a metal ring clip or black plastic clip
Colour Standard Size
Lever Arch Clip
A4 Size with
Metal Ring Clip
A4 Size with
Black Plastic Clip
280 × 310 × 80mm  245 × 310 × 80mm 230 × 310 × 80mm
            White AF00 A4MC00 A400
  Yellow AF01 A4MC01 A401
  Blue AF02 A4MC02 A402
  Purple AF03 A4MC03 A403
  Orange AF04 A40MC4 A404
  Green AF05 A4MC05 A405
  Pink AF06 A4MC06 A406
  Grey AF07 A4MC07 A407
  Red AF08 A4MC08 A408
  Black AF09 A4MC09 A409
  Brown AF10 A4MC10 A410

Starter Packs

  • Contains:
    • 1 × A4 Plastic Slatted Container
    • 20 × Light Weight Files
    • 10 × Medium Weight Files 
    • 5 × Heavy Duty Files 
    • 2 × Alphabetical Label Sheets (24 labels per sheet)
  • The container fits neatly into a drawer or on the shelf of a cupboard
Colour Code
  Black SO111XBCK
  Blue SO111XBLU
  Cream SO111XC
  Grey SO111XG
  Red SO111XR


Desk Organiser

  •  To organise or hold files on your desk that you are currently working with
  •  Files are kept at one level
Colour Code
  Cream DP4001
  Grey DP4002


Step Organiser

  •  To organise or hold files on your desk that you are currently working with
  •  Files are kept at an incline
Colour Code
  Cream DP4003


Lever Arch Wire Rack

  •  Keep lever arch files upright on top of cupboards or desk
  •  5 Divisions
Colour Item Code
           Grey Lever Arch Wire Rack - 5 divisions  LA008

Doodle Box

  • Made from the off-cuts of our files
  • Ideal to keep around your telephone and computer for notes
  • 95mmH × 105mmL × 75mmW 
Item Code
Doodle Box SO117

CD Box

  • Ideal to use seperately or in the A5 Cabinet
  • Removable partitions
Item Code
CD Box with Lid 080105