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Tidy Files Now Officially Proudly South African

October 2012 - Tidy Files, one of the foremost providers of end-to-end filing solutions in South Africa today is proud to announce that it has become an official member of the Proudly South African Campaign.

“We are delighted to become a member of this exceptional campaign,” says Gavin Leonard, Managing Director of Tidy Files. “The objectives as set out by Proudly South African are in direct alignment with what we have tried to achieve in our day-to-day business operations. All our products are locally designed and manufactured and the majority of our staff members are South African citizens from previously disadvantaged backgrounds as well.”

With 250 employees and more than 10000 clients nationwide, Tidy Files is renowned for its world-class design, supply and implementation of paper-based information management systems. Tidy Files consistently delivers industry-specific solutions that are successfully customised to suit the unique requirements of a wide array of sectors and businesses. 

Proudly South African is the buy local campaign launched in 2001 by government, organised business, organised labour and community organisations to boost job creation and pride in “local” by promoting South African companies and their homegrown products and services. 

Members of the Proudly South African community share a commitment to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and
progress. They make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa's economy, alleviating unemployment and retaining existing employment
opportunities. They are acknowledged for their quality products and services, identified through the Proudly South African logo – an internationally
recognised signifier of a proud and dignified country-of-origin brand. 

Leonard goes on to say that a filing system that saves time and improves efficiency should become a strategic operational priority for every company in South Africa. The objectives of an accurate record management system are to drive efficiency and improve staff productivity that result in significant savings in terms of cost and space, ensuring easy retrieval and prevention of loss of any information.

“At Tidy Files, we believe that a quality system approach is the key to managing information effectively. All Tidy Files solutions are customised to a client’s unique needs, providing the optimum control of records from creation through to final disposal - ensuring that the client saves time,
space and money,” he added. “We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership with Proudly South African,” he concluded.


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