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Does your filing need a sort out and a clean-up?

Financial year-end, operational year-end, a change in processes or staff, or a business restructure all necessitate one thing: a filing clean-up.

Given the fast pace of business today, it’s easy for filing to pile up, storerooms to get messy and archiving to be left undone. But efficiently sorting out filing while still maintaining the integrity of your sensitive business information can be tricky.

Our all-in-one filing clean-up service saves you money, time, staff resources and ensures your company and client information remains secured.

Our professional, trained staff does everything for you:

Your documents:

  • Re-file documents
  • Remove redundant documents from files
  • Shred old documents

Your files:

  • Sort and re-order files
  • Implement new space-saving filing systems
  • Archive old files

Your storeroom

  • List storeroom contents
  • Sort and repack storerooms
  • Move shelving and bulk filers

 We work with department and office managers, and admin and HR staff to get everything in its place.

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