An end-to-end digital filing solution

Using highly advanced software, this cutting-edge solution is capable of turning raw customer data, on demand, into formatted, ready-to-use documents.

This eliminates the need to keep physical documents, and scanned and imaged files, on-site, reducing disk space usage by up to 40%.

This innovative digital filing solution uses pre-configured interfaces, which can be adapted to suit any accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, ensuring it is completely customisable. It can be tailored for any type and size business, in any industry, and for any business process.

It also includes a dedicated management system for credit providers. This facilitates the distribution and tracking of default credit management communication to customers, ensuring compliance with the National Credit Act.

This system is renowned for its accuracy and security. Credit communications are electronically barcoded on generation and linked to a postal distribution sheet, and physical letters are distributed through registered mail. The entire process is tracked, and confirmation sheets from the post office are electronically and physically linked to the documents and securely stored. This system is particularly beneficial when default cases are escalated to court.

Not only does this holistic digital filing solution streamline all customer document management processes, but it dramatically improves cost and time efficiencies.

Solution features and benefits

  • A comprehensive end-to-end digital filing solution that takes care of all your filing needs, no matter how complex
  • Supports multiple software platforms, and integrates seamlessly with all leading accounting and customer management packages
  • Combines raw data, encrypted digital signatures and existing document templates (like point of sale (POS) receipts, statements, invoices etc.) on demand to deliver a perfect digital document
  • Has the ability to capture signatures electronically, and reproduce customer-signed documents
  • Automatically captures, corresponds and displays new contracts with supporting documentation for faster turnaround times on new business applications
  • Completely customisable to your business and its specific industry sector and business processes – the applications for this solution are limitless
  • Includes access to our optical character recognition-based (OCR) scanning solution, a document scanning and indexing solution that reduces manual processing by up to 50%, limiting human error
  • Includes access to our credit communications management system for the accurate and secure generation, tracking and delivery of letters of demand
  • Accurate quality control that automatically identifies errors and missing information, and an integrated reporting function that delivers tailor-made service reports
  • More efficient customer data management, which means increased productivity, reduced paper usage, improved cash flow and profitability, and reduced wastage and overall costs (including costs related to physical document printing, scanning and imaging, and storage)
  • Includes off-site storage in a secure digital content library as well as full backup
  • Full system maintenance, including 24/7 support

Solution applications

Our digital filing solution can be used for any business application:

  • New business contracts
  • Procurement
  • Payments
  • Maintaining stock and inventory
  • Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance with legislation such as NCA, POPI, Fica etc.
  • Internal processes related to HR, staff and B-BBEE

Information management consulting services

Our expert digital filing team offers a number of value-added services regarding the digital management and storage of your customer data, including:

  • Advising on all aspects of document management, from enterprise-wide document controls to processing and retention
  • Providing value-added benefits, such as correctly implemented imaging and retention services and systems; manual and electronic system architecture; and integration for enterprise-wide document retention planning and implementation
  • System performance enhancements, leading to improved systems infrastructure usage and investment returns


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