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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Update

Together, we are facing an enormous challenge as the coronavirus pandemic impacts just about every aspect of our lives. We are very much part of our clients’ business continuity plans and protect information for millions of people. We’re monitoring local conditions in our territories of operation very closely and will adjust as needed.  

In South Africa, Tidy Files & Tidy Files BOS has noted the nation-wide lockdown requirements. We however realise that certain of our clients are on the list of essential services identified by the government that have to remain open during the lockdown. Tidy Files & Tidy Files BOS is therefore committed to continuing our services to these clients and we have made contingency plans for our key staff to be available for urgent requests and back-up services in this regard. 

We would like to urge customers to still follow our normal communication channels to lodge any requests as we will assist you remotely. You will still be able to retrieve images from our hosted platforms, as well as get support with any system related queries. Our communication channels are reflected on our website per territory of operation. 

Tidy Files & Tidy Files BOS continues to ensure the security and confidentiality of all clients’ information.

As a records and information management company, we also have a responsibility to ensure that you can keep on using our services in order to safeguard essential processes and manage your Business Continuity. To that end, we are taking precautions and adapting our communications and services to the evolving situation. Across our operations, Tidy Files & Tidy Files BOS is following the latest health and safety guidelines from the Department of Health and The World Health Organisation. The health and safety of you and our employees are paramount. We are committed to doing our part to prevent further spread of the coronavirus as much as possible while at the same time safeguarding the continuity of your essential business processes.


South African Goverment Resouces for all your COVID-19 queries

  • Hotline: 0800 029 999
  • Send 'hi' on whatsapp to 060 012 3456
  • Visit


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