A complete, safe and secure Off-Site Storage Solution

The high-cost of office space rental, combined with the need to increase staff productivity, has made efficient Document Management an essential solution for almost every type of business.

Accurate record keeping and the legal retention of certain key documents is an important part of business for any organisation.

However, one of the greatest challenges faced by most organisations, is the sheer volume and various formats of information that need to be stored, sorted and made available, when required.

We offer your organisation a safe and secure off-site storage offering as part of its complete Document Management solution.

Efficient document and records management, particularly off-site archiving, can have a significant benefit on your organisation’s bottom-line. Besides the significant space saving advantages, your company will also experience a significant cost-saving in terms of staff productivity.

We manage all your document management requirements, while you and your employees focus on your core business.

We understand the importance for efficient record management and guarantee an exceptional turnaround time on delivery when any of your documents are requested for retrieval.


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