Digital Filing Solutions

Following our recent acquisition of Online Optical Solutions, we now offer additional digital filing and imaging solutions that complement our existing offering.

Over the past 15 years, Online Optical has developed highly versatile software solutions that can be integrated into existing CRM, ERP and Financial Management Systems for efficient customer data and records management.

As a result of these integration capabilities, we can now offer our customers a quick, cost-effective digital solution that accurately collects and stores raw customer data in real time.

This data is easily converted to electronic documents using existing client templates and incorporating the use of encrypted electronic signatures, on demand. This not only transforms clients’ data management into a highly efficient and streamlined system, but also increases productivity, reduces paper usage and costs, and has the ability to improve customers’ cash flow management and overall profitability.

In addition to this fully digital service offering, we are also able to offer a comprehensive, advanced optical character recognition-based (OCR) scanning solution.

This allows documents to be scanned and stored in indexed repositories using multiple indexes for easy retrieval, viewing and reproduction, when required.

This fully automated process reduces manual processing by up to 50%, limiting human error and enhancing time and cost efficiencies even further.


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